The Characters

Original characters that make up the brand.


Raya was a bubbly blonde who was your average girl next door. After a string of bad college romances, she met a mysterious stranger that swept her off her feet who ended up being (literally) a devil in disguise. Raya was given the option to return to her old life, but instead she sold her soul to be with someone who was the first to show her the kind of attention she had been craving; by doing so cursed her and transformed her appearance into an irresistible creature of the night.

Nurse Necro Nancy

Nancy was the new head nurse at St. Vincent's Hospital. After working a double shift, she accidentally crossed Dr. Madison's unauthorized experiments. In her attempt to get security to stop him, she was injected with a mysterious fluid that turned her into the living dead.

Lady Viper

Archeologists discovered a hidden temple in northeast India. Their curiously costed them their lives as they released a snake goddess from her slumber.


With deforestation on the rise a long forgotten mystical deity heard the cries of the forests across the globe. Flora, the spirit of the woods, has returned and she if not happy with humanity's relationship with nature...


A pastel loving goth, who can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. She loves fluffy animals, sharp knives, and long walks through the cemetery at dusk.